Fee will be waived if you're adopting a senior or special needs cat
Your additional donations are tax-deductible and allow WCAL to help more animals!

WCAL is here to support you and promote a healthy relationship between you and your new pet. Please think of us as a resource and a partner. We encourage our adopters to contact us with any questions or concerns. We are here to help!

Napa Valley Animal Rescue


The kittens in our adoption program move fast -- often too fast to list them online! Please check our facebook page for posts about available kittens. We also have a number of friendly older kittens or adult cats looking for homes. Please see below:




Dalton is handsome, inquisitive and friendly! He was a sad, cold, outside kitty who asked for help and WCAL was able to provide the medical care he needed and set him up in a warm temporary home. Now it's his turn to find a forever family! He likes a warm lap, purrs all day long and is living in a Santa Rosa foster home with a nice big dog. Dalton is about 4 years old and he is eating a prescription diet to prevent the formation of urine crystals. He has been neutered, microchipped, vaccinated and is doing great as a pampered pet!



Minka is an engaging, friendly cat who has been a pleasure to foster while she raises her litter. She is chatty and easy going, likes attention but isn't demanding either. Minka is four years old, spayed, microchipped and healthy. She is young enough to still enjoy playing with toys and mature enough to have wonderful manners. Her coat is super soft and she will make a wonderful companion for some lucky person! She has asked us to find her a home where she won’t have to live with dogs ;)



Eggs is a 9 month old adoptable kitten who LOVES her mousie. She carries it around the house and will play fetch with it too! Eggs is the last kitty available from the 'breakfast club' litter and she'd like an indoor only home with another cat please. A nice human who will let her drape her petite and leggy body over their shoulder would be a bonus! 
One day, it's possible that Eggs could explore the great outdoors, but we have found that too much nature makes her sneezy. Perhaps when she is big and strong she won't have these outdoor allergies anymore. For now she is content inside where it's warm.


Zeke may be the COOLEST one-eyed kitten who has come through our foster program and he is looking for an equally cool forever family. Zeke is very comfortable in his own fur and he is at his most irresistible when he struts around his foster home with a mouse toy in his mouth! He has lived with a big dog and also made friends with lots of friendly cats. Zeke's favorite friends are kids because they are always up to something and he likes to be involved in all the activities. He is a compact little 6 month old with a healthy coat. You also may have noticed that he only has one eye! He doesn't know that so please dont tell him. It certainly hasn't slowed him down. The safest home for Zeke would be able to keep him indoors. Can we introduce Zeke to your family? We are confident it will be love at first sight!