Fee will be waived if you're adopting a senior or special needs dog
Your additional donations are tax-deductible and allow WCAL to help more animals!

WCAL is here to support you and promote a healthy relationship between you and your new pet. Please think of us as a resource and a partner. We encourage our adopters to contact us with any questions or concerns. We are here to help!



Hopper is a sweet, smart, active 5 year old boy. He is great with people and other dogs. His favorite place is by his person and he does best when not left home alone for long periods. He will sleep on his own bed, but would prefer to snuggle and sleep on the bed with you. Hopper also loves to chase horses and should not live on or near a working ranch or farm. Hopper is neutered and up to date on all of his vaccinations. He also has medical insurance that can be transferred to his new person. Hopper wants to be your companion!


Napa Valley Animal Rescue


Buck settled right into his foster home and in just a few days he has become a completely different dog: much more confident and curious. He is still afraid of a raised hand (for tossing toys or treats) so his foster family is taking it slow and teaching him confidence building games while he watches and learns from their other dogs who enjoy having things tossed in their direction. Buck crates well, walks nicely on a no-pull harness and is a polite 8 month old pup who asks permission before hopping up on the couch. He chews on toys only and in just a few days had worked through his excitement peeing and proven that he is house trained. Buck has a high prey drive, so we'd like to find him a home without cats or small dogs. With an experienced owner committed to positive reinforcement training he could share a home with other large dogs. Buck is a great pup and super cuddly with people.



Remember Brooklyn? This amazing, snuggly, friendly, ball chasing, couch cuddling young 3 year old is once again looking for a new home! She was adopted last year to a family that loves her to pieces, but new jobs and school have made it hard for them to give her the attention, training and exercise she needs to thrive and they have asked us to help rehome her. This dog loves life and has an enthusiastic, outgoing personality. Brooklyn is dog friendly, but she plays hard and is a solid 65 pounds. She will happily sleep in bed with you (she is also crate trained). Brooklyn is way too much for any cat so she should live in a feline free home. She would do great in an active family with older children that are less likely to get knocked over by her happy tail (she likes kids of all ages, but doesn't know her own strength). Hiking, biking and long walks on the beach are more fun when you have a dog like Brooklyn to keep you company. She doesn't enjoy being home all day long by herself so she currently goes to doggy daycare where she has lots of human and canine pals. Please help us find the perfect spot for this big loveable moose of a dog!



This puppy is a fun, high energy little toy shredder who is up for anything. He is happy to chew on toys and play, play, play. A water dog who jumps right in and also blows bubbles in the water dish. McCoy has met a handful of dogs, large and small, and he is energetic about each new friend (whether they appreciate his enthusiasm or not). He is a very good sleeper who conks right out in his crate at night. McCoy would excel in a puppy obedience class! 


Napa Valley Animal Rescue


Look at this sweet face. Mac is a young Border Collie mix working to overcome his fearfulness. He is looking for a super nice human who won't rush him along and who will make sure that all the strangers he meets have tasty bits of meat to share. He feels most comfortable with ladies, but has made some good guy friends as well. Mac would be very happy in a calm home with other dogs, preferably with a pool, lake or river near by... he LOVES water! We think he might actually be part otter...  He is a wonderful agility dog who has completed a handful of training classes already. Cats would be ok too, but no young children please! 

Napa Valley Animal Rescue


Remember Echo? She needs your help finding another home! It just isn't working out with her new adopters so we are beating the bushes for the perfect match because we love her and she deserves it. Echo is an energetic young dog who LOVES people and she can't live with other pets (no cats or dogs of any size). She is a great hiking or jogging partner, but isn't the kind if dog you take to the dog park. This smarty pants is a brilliant 2 year old German Shepherd who needs a family who will continue her training with us. She has a great big smile and a happy tail wag. Echo has nice house manners and is a fantastic companion. She will play ball with the kids and then snooze on the couch for movie night!