PUPPY ADOPTION FEE IS $300 (attending a force free training class with your new pup is required)
Fee will be waived if you're adopting a senior or special needs dog
Your additional donations are tax-deductible and allow WCAL to help more animals!

WCAL is here to support you and promote a healthy relationship between you and your new pet. Please think of us as a resource and a partner. We encourage our adopters to contact us with any questions or concerns. We are here to help!





Hopper is a sweet, smart, active 5 year old boy. He is great with people and other dogs. His favorite place is by his person and he does best when not left home alone for long periods. He will sleep on his own bed, but would prefer to snuggle and sleep on the bed with you. Hopper also loves to chase horses and should not live on or near a working ranch or farm. Hopper is neutered and up to date on all of his vaccinations. He also has medical insurance that can be transferred to his new person. Hopper wants to be your companion!

Napa Valley Animal Rescue


The great outdoorsman! Buck is a super sweet, playful and all around great guy. He is a 1 year old dog who would make a fantastic active companion. Buck is a good little traveler and loves to be with his people. He crates well, walks nicely on a no-pull harness and is asks permission with sweet puppy dog eyes before hopping up on the couch with you.  He likes to play and we think he could share a home with other large or medium sized dogs. Buck is a great pup and can't wait to be your new best bud! He needs to live in a home without felines because they are too fun to chase...

Napa Valley Animal Rescue


Echo is an energetic young dog who LOVES people! She is a great hiking or jogging partner, and would make a perfect companion for a family who enjoys the great outdoors. This smart girl is a 55lb 3yr old German Shepherd who needs a family who will continue her training with us. She has a great big smile and a happy tail wag. Echo has nice house manners and really enjoys spending time with the family. She will play ball with the kids and then snooze on the couch for movie night! When Echo first came to WCAL she was quite reactive (barking and making a big scene) towards other animals, but she is making huge strides in her doggy play group! She can now be off-leash with a group of other dogs and engage in nice play behaviors. We are so proud of this girl for coming such a long way. Echo needs a family who will continue working with a Force-Free & Reward Based training program to help her with manners around other dogs. She has barrier frustration while on leash, but we are confident that she will make major improvements in this area as well. You just have to meet this girl! (no cats or small critters need apply)



Cinnamon looks awesome these days! Her coat has grown in and she has put on a lot of healthy weight too since coming to WCAL. Now she has been spayed and Cinnamon also had a dental to get ready for the A-word. That's right, Cinnamon is officially available for ADOPTION! She is living in a foster home with cats now and would also be ok in a home with a dog pal. This sweet girl is still a little shy with strangers but as you can see, Cinnamon has really taken to living indoors! We believe she is about 10 years old and it is very important that we find her the perfect family who can give her an amazing life. She came to WCAL from a home where she was ignored and uncared for so her future should be all about soft beds, nice people, good food and leisurely walks to smell the roses



Wake up every morning to someone who truly L💗VES you! All you need is a dog like Reba, AKA ‘The Love Machine’. She has weaned her puppies, been spayed and now this 3 year old is ready to be swept away by her forever family. She gets along with other dogs, loves to snuggle, and comes with her own licker license! This boxer mix has zero personal space, but she is crate trained for those times her humans have to leave home without her. Reba is looking for a patient, kind family to teach her how wonderful life can be. She is just now learning about going on walks and it really helps to have another dog to show her the way.



This bright young pup is all ears! And a good amount of tongue too! Oh and so much heart! Charlotte is all this and so much more... She is an enthusiastic 2 year old who would do well in an active family with kids or a playful dog buddy. As long as she gets to be with her humans she is a happy girl. Charlotte comes in a compact 40 pound package and has the softest belly. Crate trained, potty trained and ready to be your copilot!

Napa Valley Animal Rescue


Look at this sweet face. Mac is a young Border Collie mix working to overcome his fearfulness. He is looking for a super nice human who won't rush him along and who will make sure that all the strangers he meets have tasty bits of meat to share. He feels most comfortable with ladies, but has made some good guy friends as well. Mac would be very happy in a calm home with other dogs, preferably with a pool, lake or river near by... he LOVES water! We think he might actually be part otter...  He is a wonderful agility dog who has completed a handful of training classes already. Cats would be ok too, but no young children please! 



This 10 month old cattle dog puppy has all the best qualities you'd want in a companion! He is active and loves to play, but is happy to settle next to you and chew on his favorite toys. McCoy would make an excellent office or winery dog as he loves all people and other dogs and will need a job to keep him busy and stimulated. McCoy has met lots of dogs, large and small, and he is enthusiastic about each new friend. He has proven to be quite interested in cats -- not that he would hurt them intentionally, but he likes to chase and his play style can be a little over the top for the average feline.  McCoy is incredibly smart and loves brain games... he can't wait to show off with you in a puppy obedience class!


Reba's babies are ready to go home! If you've been following the WCAL Facebook Page you'll know that these puppies have have been through quite an ordeal, but they are all healthy, happy & ready to revel in the joy of life. Please fill out an Adoption Application to meet one of these special pups! 

Napa Valley Adoptable Puppies