These animals are being re-homed directly through their current family or through one of our local shelters. We offer this courtesy in order to help connect animals in need with new homes. These animals have not been evaluated by WCAL and they are not in our adoption program. We make no claims to the physical or behavioral health of any animal listed here.

If you would like to list an animal with us, please fill out the request form. 


Meet Fido, a giant 12lb orange and white fluff ball looking for an excellent home. He has a big, growly purr and loves to cuddle!  Fido also enjoys tummy rubs.  All he wants to do is curl up where it's warm and snooze. He is a 3 year old indoor/outdoor kitty in Oakville who was taken in from a nearby colony and neutered/vaccinated at Napa Humane, but the queen cat of the house wants him gone ASAP. He has a feisty side and if he is over-stimulated can grab a hold of the arm petting him and give a good nibble (FYI - this is very common with cats who didn't grow up with much human attention and it will lessen with time if you avoid vigorous petting and stick to less exciting calm, long strokes...). Please call Phoebe to meet or inquire about adopting Fido, 707-944-2557. She'll deliver!